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She’s STEM Foundation is a Cameroonian non-profit organization and group of women helping communities, women and girls harness the power of STEM education and its impact to community development.

'We believe that Girls and women are the key to better communities'


42.44% of Cameroon’s population live in rural areas with women making up 28% of this population. Despite women and girls representing a significant percentage of rural communities by population, they are still greatly under represented in various decision and impact activities within their communities. Some of the reasons impeding their paticipation in community development are centered around cultural and traditional stereos practiced by many communities.


Poverty is a key factor in limiting  social and economic development. Promoting science education benefits entire communities, creating more job opportunities, spreading health, technology awareness, and fighting prevalent cultural stereotypes. Although STEM education benefits the whole world, it is particularly critical for developing countries who are facing poverty and mismanagement of resources.


Lack of public policymaking in technology has increased the already widening gap between skilled and unskilled labour. In Cameroon, advances in computing power, connectivity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and GIS, and newer, more capable technologies hold tremendous promise for it'srural communities especially

Basic infrastructure

Lack of basic facilities like STEM laboratories, water supply systems, sanitation facilities, and electricity remain the most pertinent issues affecting rural development and the emergence of technology in these areas. People travel miles from rural areas to other towns to pursue education in STEM fields and better living due to lack of basic infrastructures in their schools and communities.

Gender equality

Despite many international agreements affirming the rights of women, they are still much more likely than men to be poor and illiterate. Women continue to lag in STEM as serious occupation due to gender bias and inequality around the globe. Although SDG 5 is well known through out the world, women still lack exposure and opportunities to educate themselves and their families on the importance of gender equality and its impact to their communities.


We empower girls, women,children and communities through STEM Education, Rural Entrepreneurship, Community development and Gender equality

Authorisation No:227/G37/C84/VOLI/SASC